Mitch: An Upstanding Kitty Looking For a Home

Mitch is an affable fellow who has been overlooked because of the meds he takes for his thyroid condition.


Walk by Mitch's ground-floor cage at the Marblehead Animal Shelter and he is likely to stand.

This short- to medium-hair love muffin will stand on his feet to get your attention. He'll place his mighty double paws against his cage and stretch his cat body to full length.

He has a quiet, almost silent meow.

"What about me," he is saying. "Don't forget Ol' Mitch. I'm right here. The green-eyed kitty. That's me. Got a face like a raccoon. Just itching to be held."

Mitch's owner died and she left it in her will that he would go to the Marblehead Animal Shelter.

He has been at the shelter a little while. 

He has a thyroid condition that requires medicine.

Otherwise he's healthy. The medicine can be administered as a pill or a topical solution rubbed on an ear.

Knowing Mitch, he'd probably go for the topical solution.

Shelter caretakers say the 8-year-old male is love-houndn of the first order.

He loves to be held and patted. Absolutely melts into a pool of goo when he is held and petted.

So what about Mitch?

If you visit the shelter he will be hard to miss.

He will be the kitty with the big mitts for paws. They'll be against the cage as he stands like a human being and looks up for attention.

For more information visit online at www.marblehead-animal-shelter.org or in person at 44 Village Street, Marblehead. 781 631-8664


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Betsy Cruger December 12, 2012 at 04:27 PM
You summed him up to a T!! He is so sweet he should have been named sugar! I hope he gets a loving home for Christmas. He deserves it ( and so does some lucky family) His fur is as soft as bunny fur too!


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