Students Dance With the Staff Thursday [VIDEO]

Swampscott High dance team members are preparing for their upcoming event. They will take the floor with teachers on Thursday night at the school's Dancing With the Staff event.


Bring on the dancers. 

Bring on the teachers.

These unlikely partners will take the high school stage 7 p.m. Thursday for the first ever Dancing With the Staff show.

The dance team’s 21 members and 13 teachers will clap, leap and twist through 12 numbers, two students to each teacher. 

The teachers volunteered — or were drafted — for this informal ball.

Among them: math teacher Justin Fucile dancing with Victoria Wharff and Lindsey Ly to the John Wall, a hip-hop number.

Since December the dancers and teachers have been practicing cha-cha-chas, grape vines and tangos.

The students have become teachers, and teachers students in this role reversal. 

Dance team Coach  said the girls brainstormed the idea as an exercise in fun — and fundraising.

Admission is $5 in advance, and $7 at the door. Proceeds support the team.

Danielle Lannon has been the coach four years, was an assistant for two years and, before that, a team member.

Dancing brings the girls closer to their school, she said.

Some may not play sports or cheer but most have been dancing since they were small children, the coach said.

Anyone who has seen them perform, including their halftime shows at high school basketball games, has witnessed their energy and joy.

Their routine includes an arm-in-arm, Rockette-style kick line. Around Christmas the line donned Santa hats.

They also performed at the Senior Center and Bertram House, danced at the football team’s pep rally and will dance for the lacrosse team in spring.

Their highlight performance is an end-of-school-year presentation choreographed to a theme.

In March they will dance at a competition. 

The kids have so much fun they do not feel nervous about Dancing With the Staff.

“I’m just so excited,” said Alexa Baldacci. “It’ll be such fun."

To purchase tickets, contact Coach Danielle Lannon at daniellelannon@gmail.com or  Alexa Baldacci at alexabaldacci@gmail.com.  Tickets are also available for purchase from any member of the SHS Dance Team.


Dance Partners:

Ms. Albert (Foreign Language) & Ms. Baralt (Foreign Language)

Student Dancers: Lauren Legere & Lauren Rubin     


Mr. Schwartz (IRC, PAC)                                                                                              

Student Dancers: Alexa Baldacci & Jenna Resnick


Ms. Skelton (Science)                                                                                                         

 Student Dancers: Victoria Laurano & Alexis Santella


Ms. Capozzi (Guidance)                                                                                                         

Student Dancers: Renee Cooper & Bella Capone


Mr. Korchari (Science)                                                                                                        

Student Dancers: Noelle Saulnier & Stef Borneman


Ms. Keith (Special Education)                                                                                                

Student Dancers: Alexa Baldacci & Lindsey Ly


Ms. Georgieva (Science)                                                                               

Student Dancers: Haley Irwin & Reed Flannery


Ms. Green (History)                                                                                                       

Student Dancers: Alyse Lavoie & Sasha Matusevich


Ms. Mancini (Foreign Language)                                                                                  

Student Dancers: Victoria Paradise & Stephanie Davis


Ms. Blum (English)                                                                                                            

Student Dancers: Hannah Dubin & Vicki Ly


Ms. Piperidis (Career Technology)                                                                                 

Student Dancers: Sydney Rodenstein & Noelle Saulnier


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