And the Answer Is...

No one won last weekend's history challenge.

There were no winners to Saturday's Then and Now clue. 

The answer to the July 23, posting, a photo of the man inspecting fishing nets, is 1967.

Check back later this week for another Then and Now question. 

Ron Emery July 27, 2011 at 04:43 AM
That fisherman's is Sammy Rollins. These gill nets were used to catch cod fish and had to be cleared of tangels each day on these "net reels" that were located in the current parking lot of the "Swampscott Fish House. These nets were made out of cotton or linen and had to be dried each day to prevent rotting before the season ended about the end of April. The nets would be taken off the reels and re-set after the lobstermen finished hauling their traps. We would than go out before daylight to haul the gill nets early, before the lobstern men came back to haul their traps again. The cod fish season usually started at the end of November each year. Ron Emery


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