5 Facts From the Town Report

The 2010 Annual Town Report's 212 pages include everything from the number of arrests (238) to the number of permits the Fire Department issued (424). Here are five facts from those pages.

The 2010 Annual Town Report is out and it contains town and school information from July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010.

Here are five facts from its pages.

1) On May 1, 2010, the town's Emergency Management Agency used the town's new reverse 911 calling system for the first time. The call simultaneously alerted 5,000 local households to a mandatory water boil order after a catastrophic water break in Weston cut off water to two million users in the state, according to the Emergency Management Agency..

2) From March 13-15, as much as 13- to 15-inches of rain fell. Widespread flooding hit the town. Coastal areas and basements took the brunt of the flooding, according to the Emergency Management Agency.

3) The Fire Department issued 424 permits and collected $15,995 in fees. The department offers more than 30 types of permits, ranging from those that allow beach cooking fires to permits for underground storage tanks, according to the department.

4) The Police Department responded to 428 motor vehicle accidents.

5) The Police Department reported that there were 51 houses or buildings broken into, 84 vehicle break-ins and 15 motor vehicles stolen.


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