Jo-Ann Thibault, CEO/Founder of The Elder Insider, LLC
Jo-Ann Thibault, CEO/Founder of The Elder Insider, LLC
The Elder Insider LLC, (http://theelderinsider.com/)
a company that provides educational seminars to Boomers and Seniors, today announced it is producing a documentary-style reality series to help educate families on elder intervention and care.  The Elder Insider promotes self-advocacy and the importance of educating and motivating boomers and seniors to understand resources that are available to them before they need them. Their mission is to empower seniors with the knowledge to be their own advocate in the aging  process.
“This documentary-style reality/educational series will depict real families and their struggles,” said Jo-Ann Thibault, CEO/Founder of The Elder Insider, LLC. “The series will confront the challenges regarding mental and physical health decline, at-home safety concerns, financial and legal situations, denial, loss, anger, and other challenges and emotions from the patient’s and the family’s point-of-view.  Our goal is to help identify important intervention and resources available regarding elder care issues.”   Thibault has launched a Kickstarter site for those interested in sponsorship opportunities: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/919040437/the-untold-stories-of-caring-for-our-seniors?ref=emai...
Thibault has led more than 150 seminars for thousands of boomers/seniors who relate to elder care issues. “An in-depth documentary style series like this has never been done before,” said Thibault, “This is a very personal, emotional and sensitive issue that millions of families are going through.  These stories must be told so that families can be educated and enlightened through examples of what other families are going through. Awareness will help promote peace of mind and help families feel  less alone in their own personal struggles.”
The series will depict a family’s struggle dealing with the physical and mental health decline of an Elder during a particular crisis point. The series will portray the dynamics involved - including medical and psychological intervention, navigating the healthcare system, transitioning into a nursing home or senior housing, or dealing with in-home care services.  The focus will be on a family with an Elder that needs intervention due to health/mental decline. The family will be provided with a team of elder care professionals including, but not limited to; a Licensed Social Worker and/or Geriatric Care Manager (RN/LSW), Elder Law Attorney, Financial Advisor (estate planning/long-term care), Senior Move Manager/Professional Organizer, senior housing professionals/advisors, and an in-home care specialist.
The Elder Insider is seeking additional sponsors for the documentary.  For more information about sponsorship and to receive recognition in the final video production visit:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/919040437/the-untold-stories-of-caring-for-our-seniors?ref=emai...
Families interested in participating in the documentary, please contact Jo-Ann Thibault directly:  joann@theelderinsider.co


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