Try Local Gourmet Chocolates on Friday

The creations of Conditori Chocolates will be there for the tasting at the Swampscott library's wine, cheese and chocolate event Friday.


The last piece of chocolate that gourmet chocolate maker Amy Peterson ate was one of her popular creations: a milk chocolate salted caramel.

On Friday you can try her popular pieces and her exotics such as her goji-berry-topped, acai-interior chocolate. 

The owner of Conditori Chocolates will serve her white, milk and dark chocolates at a wine, cheese and chocolate event at the Swampscott Public Library on Friday, Nov. 2nd from 7:30-9:30 pm.

The cost is $20 per person — you must be at least 21 to attend — with the proceeds benefiting the Friends of the Swampscott Public Library.

Amy, 32, got her start making chocolate when she was a chef at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

Her chocolate skills emerged on the West Coast but she brought them to the East Coast when she and her husband, Christopher, moved to his hometown, Nahant.

Amy got her grounding in the culinary arts studying at the Cordon Bleu in LA, learning the old techniques from the old masters.

Her chocolates have been served at the Oscars and Golden Globes.

Her chocolates have been tried and tested by the best chefs in the world.

Her chocolate delivers a complex mouthful, she said.

A variety of flavors and attributes emerge. They could be sweetness, dryness smokiness. Like fine wines, gourmet chcoclates have complex flavors and attributes, she said.

That's not to say that Amy would turn her nose up at corner store chocolate.

She likes all kinds of chocolates. If she was to buy a bar at a store it would probably be a Snickers, she said.

Unlike a Snickers, her chocolate is handmade.

She brings the culinary science and culinary art to her creations, cooking chocolate with the right amount of cacao at the right temperature for the right duration and giving her chocolates an appealing smell, appearance, texture and, of course, taste.

Her chocolate will be there for the tasting on Friday at the library.

To learn more about her chocolates contact Amy at 310-709-3525 or conditorichocolates.com


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