Harvest At The Farmers Market

In its second to last date of the year, the Swampscott Farmer's Market featured music, pumpkin decorating and harvest vegetables.


Sunday was the next-to-last time the Farmer's Market will be open in this its inaugural season.

The last market of the season is Sunday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Swampscott High.

Yesterday, tomatoes, corn, pumpkins, greens, onions and more were for sale along with cheeses, salad dressing, baked goods, soups and the other items that have been for sale all summer.

Kids decorated miniature pumpkins with felt, glitter, googlie eyes and markers.

Near the decorating table sang singer/songwriter Mike Rydock who traveled up from Middletown, PA to play the market.

Mike likes to put his poetic lyrics to music and has played festivals and shows in New York and Boston.

Some of his favorite songs are blues and folk songs. Musicians and writers he especially appreciates are Bob Dylan and Nick Drake and Tim Buckley.

He played covers and songs of his own.

When he writes a song the lyrics are key.

"I look at songs as a type of poetry," he said between songs.

A recent song he wrote and sanf Sunday is called On the Cold Hillside, a seasonal song.

Here are sone of the lyrics:

"I've been in love with love past caring

On the battleground of the arms divide

Waking in the sun's warm staring

Oblivous to daylight's pride."


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