Displaced Owners Consider Trailers

The latest idea to help business owners floored by the March 1-2 fire is for them to locate in trailers, temporarily, so they can continue to serve their customers.

Small business counselor Peter Colarusso told the room of business owners victimized by fire that they enjoy the public's goodwill now.

But like all things, that will fade over time. People will forget.

"Let your customers know you are still in business," he urged the owners.

They ran their businesses at the corner of Humphrey Street and Redington Street before fire destroyed the building on March 1-2.

What better way, suggested local Realtor Lizette Alcalai, than rising from the ashes sooner rather than later.

They could rent trailers to conduct business during the busy summer season, she suggested.

Tedesco Country Club houses its pro shop and 19th hole in trailers, temporarily,  while a new building is being constructed at the site, she said.

The trailer and other ideas were bandied about the room Thursday morning at Town Hall in a meeting to help the business owners get back on their feet.

Debra Consoli of the e liked the trailer idea. She's eager to start serving sandwiches.

As an aside, she said she got a call forwarded to her cell from someone unaware of the fire who wanted to order five sandwiches to go.

She said she told the caller, "I would love to serve you, but they are so overcooked at this point ... ."

Humor aside, the owners were touched by the help offered them.

Alcalai suggested that they locate trailers on the same property where their businesses stood.

A lot would depend on when the owner starts to rebuild, she said.

Still, the group was eager to inquire about trailers.

Another option might be to accept local businessman Charlie Patsios' offer.

He was at the meeting and offered his commercial space at 460 Humphrey St., free on a temporary basis.

Several owners set up a time to meet with Patsios.

Also, the town is considering stretching a banner across Humphrey Street that will display information about the businesses. An oversized business card of sorts.

Leslie Gould of the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce said the Community Credit Union's relief fund for business owners will be divided equally among the owners.

She hopes the fund raises $3,000 to $4,000 to be shared by the people, some of whom have absolutely nothing and did not have insurance.

Colarusso said the main thing was to stay in the public's eye.

He suggested they market themselves and coin a name for the group of surviving Swampscott businesses.

The businesses displaced by the fire were ,  , ,  and .


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