Chocolate Buzz and Other Biz From the North Shore

Here's what's happening around the North Shore area with businesses large and small.

Have you noticed a new store while driving around the North Shore recently? Patch loves small business and we try to cover every new opening. Here is a look at some recent business openings and happenings on the North Shore.

Have you noticed a new shop and have been wondering what it is? Leave us a note in the comment section and we will check it out.


Conditori Chocolate celebrates a wonder of the world — Ch-ch-ch-chocolate.

The last piece of chocolate that gourmet chocolate maker Amy Peterson ate was one of her popular creations: a milk chocolate salted caramel.

Earlier this month lots of local people tried her popular pieces and her exotics such as her goji-berry-topped, acai-interior chocolate. 

The owner of Conditori Chocolates served her white, milk and dark chocolates at a wine, cheese and chocolate event at the Swampscott Public Library on Friday, Nov. 2.

Amy, 32, got her start making chocolate when she was a chef at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

Her chocolate skills emerged on the West Coast but she brought them to the East Coast when she and her husband, Christopher, moved to his hometown, Nahant.

Amy got her grounding in the culinary arts studying at the Cordon Bleu in LA, learning the old techniques from the old masters.

Her chocolates have been served at the Oscars and Golden Globes.

Her chocolates have been tried and tested by the best chefs in the world.

Her chocolate delivers a complex mouthful, she said.

A variety of flavors and attributes emerge. They could be sweetness, dryness smokiness. Like fine wines, gourmet chcoclates have complex flavors and attributes, she said.

That's not to say that Amy would turn her nose up at corner store chocolate.

She likes all kinds of chocolates. If she was to buy a bar at a store it would probably be a Snickers, she said.

Unlike a Snickers, her chocolate is handmade.

She brings the culinary science and culinary art to her creations, cooking chocolate with the right amount of cacao at the right temperature for the right duration and giving her chocolates an appealing smell, appearance, texture and, of course, taste.

To learn more about her chocolates contact Amy at 310-709-3525 or conditorichocolates.com


Selectmen Preparing to Vote on BYOB

Town Administrator Jeff Chelgren asked that the Board of Selectmen "do their homework" when it came to reviewing recently crafted BYOB regulations in the hopes of bringing the matter to a vote at their meeting Wednesday night.

Board members have been working with Town Counsel Lisa Mead to put together local regulations ever since Marblehead's new Mexican restaurant, Casa Corona, filed a request last month for permission to allow their patrons the option of bringing along their own alcohol beverages.

Warwick Place Facade Taking Shape

As each day passes, the exterior of Warwick Place is looking more and more like this computer rendering of what the finished product is expected to look like.

Over the last two weeks, workers have installed the windows along the Pleasant Street side of the 38,000-square-foot office and retail building and have wrapped up the majority of the brick-work.

Have you noticed a new store while driving around the North Shore recently? Patch loves small business and we try to cover every new opening. Here is a look at some recent business openings and happenings on the North Shore.

Have you noticed a new shop and have been wondering what it is? Leave us a note in the comment section and we will check it out.



5 Salem Spots Serving Pumpkin Beer

Just like a pumpkin-flavored latte or a fresh pumpkin muffin, enjoying your first pumpkin-flavored beer is fast becoming one of the sure signs that fall has arrived in New England.

Downtown Salem is once-again swarmed with tourists, many of whom have pumpkin brews on the brain.

Henry Derby Bed and Breakfast Serves Stories Too

Red and yellow mums in four window boxes at the Henry Derby House Bed and Breakfast welcome visitors.

But to really feel at home in the circa 1840 house on the Summer Street corner is to sit in its dining room. 

Blue and white China await breakfast in a vintage cabinet. A marble fireplace that blazes in winter rests on the opposite side of the room.

Licensing Board Has Handle On Bangkok Paradise Issue

Anyone that reads message boards or newspaper comment threads is familiar with the "hang 'em high" mentality that comes with the territory.

No matter the subject matter, hard-liners will insist that any and all infractions must be met with quick and severe discipline. Any other approach is seen as lily-livered or weak-kneed. Take the malefactor out back and tan his hide with a leather strap.

The actions the Salem Licensing Board took against Bangkok Paradise last night will not come close to appeasing some of those homebound "knights of the keyboard" (thank you Ted Williams). That is because we do not govern by the QWERTY method.



Local Artists Kick Off First 'Art Walk' This Week

A number of artistic and cultural assets call downtown Beverly home.

Montserrat College of Art, LPF Studio, Cabot Cinema, Clay Dreaming, Porter Mill, Wallpusher Guitars, Blue Box, Mingo Gallery and Frame Shop, the Atomic Cafe, Sea Change Theater and 17 Cox are a handful, not to mention the hundreds of professional and student artists working in the city, maintaining both public and private studios.

Former Bell Market Gets 'Revitalized'

Have you noticed the windows at Bell Market have a colorful new look?

The “Revitalization Mural” was sponsored by Beverly Main Streets as a way to beautify the windows while the space is vacant. The art showcases the vibrancy that a thriving business will bring to the area.

Beverly Native Mazzaglia Has Passion For Hair (And Lack Of!)

Lifelong Beverly resident Amanda Mazzaglia knows how devastating hair loss can be. 

When she began noticing clumps of her hair falling out at an alarming rate, she said "medical doctors, dermatologists, endocrinologists, all presented various forms of hopelessness that sent me into a depression."

But after six years of research and finding a successful treatment, Mazzaglia is now bringing her expertise to the North Shore, opening Rejuvenate Hair Loss Recovery Laser Therapy Clinic at the Cummings Center in Beverly.

The plan for a six-story hotel at the Cummings Center was suspended last week, and we want to know what you'd like to see in the space. 

The proposed space for the 140-room hotel at the corner of McKay and Elliott Street is currently zoned for commercial/industrial buildings.



21 Winters Of Warm Traditions for Local Stove Business

Warm Traditions Stove Shoppe has been keeping folks toasty with alternative heat sources for over two decades.

Tucked alongside the Danvers Rail Trail on Pine Street next to the building that houses Pete’s-A-Place, the specialty stove business owned by Bob Raucci is celebrating its 21st winter this year.

Deborah McDermott is a self described fitness nut.

Folks around Danvers may know the McDermott family from town sports like baseball and flag football, where dad and Danvers native Jeff helps coach his boys; or they may recognize wife Debbie, originally from Topsfield, as the Fitness Instructor at the Danvers YMCA has taught for many years, and can be seen warming up small groups during walks as part of her personal trainer vocation. 

The new co-owner of The Gym Downtown in Hamilton, reflected on the path that brought her to the fitness industry.

When Lorraine Roy Women's Appearel leaves Danvers Square at the end of the year, it won’t be going far.

Across town, Bella Sera Bridal has bought Lorraine Roy and part of its inventory and plans to keep the name, merging the two stores that will mean a portion of Bella Sera on Route 114 will be called “Lorraine Roy at Bella Sera.”

People's United Bank Doubles Market Share Since Danversbank Buyout

The Connecticut-based bank that took over Danversbank last year has doubled its share of the greater Boston consumer banking market since the purchase, according to Boston Business Journal.

People’s United Bank announced in January 2011 it was buying out Danversbank. The deal was completed in June 2011.

The hotel known to many as the Ferncroft has a new name – DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore.

The conversion from CoCo Key Hotel Water Resort to DoubleTree by Hilton Boston North Shore was completed last month, according to Sage Hospitality, the hotel operator for the past five years.



Windover Selected to Build Senior Housing at Penguin Hall

A local company that is well-known in Wenham - Windover Construction - has been selected to complete the conversion of Penguin Hall into a senior living complex.

In recent years, Windover has built the Boulder on Main Street and several single family homes on the shore of Wenham Lake off Cedar Street and Topsfield Road.

The project is planned to convert Penguin Hall, on the so-called Mullen property - a 50 acre estate off Essex Street in Wenham.

New Owner Eyes Bakery for Empty Downtown Building

The new owner of a commercial building in downtown Hamilton says he is doing all he can to get a bakery to move into the building.

Last month Michael Pallazola of Hamilton unveiled plans to spruce up the building at 227 Willow St., which is the southern part of the former Hansbury property.

The building will not be expanded upward or outward but instead given a new look on the outside.



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