5 Ways to Save This Week

A spring medley: seeds, cards and swatters.

We're watching our budgets almost as closely as the calendar these days.  

The economy still has at least a  nasty cough and winter has plenty of ice left in it.

Yet there are signs of spring.

The Boys of Summer have started their training in Florida and Arizona.

On Monday, many people were driving with windows down.

Stores have spring items on their shelves.

It feels good.

This week, Frugal Family roamed local stores like a bear out of hibernation and found some deals.

They will not save you a lot of money but they will remind you that there's such a thing as spring.

Remember to check with the merchant for additional conditions: 

 1. s 

Deal: Seed packets 3 for $1. In aisle 8D. The display includes an assortment of flowers, herbs and vegetables, from sunflowers to morning glories and beets to chives.

Good through: No expiration.


Deal: Topps Baseball Cards. A pack of 7 with a stick of gum, marked down from $1.29 to .46 cents. They were just about sold out.

Good through: Until they sell out.


Deal: Fly-swatter $1.19. Wire handle and plastic slapper. Nice action. In aisle 8D.

Good through: No expiration.


Deal: Ceramic pots and lawn ornaments, various sizes and colors. The pots were reduced in price from $16 to $6.99, and, gigantic ones, from $38 to $16.95.

Good through: No expiration.


Deal: Beat LA Again t-shirts marked down from $20 to $4.99. The shirts are outdated but we like the sentiment.

Good through: Until they sell out.


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