5 Last Minute Valentine's Gift Ideas: Him For Her

It snuck up on you. The days are shorter in winter. The stores were closed during the storm. You almost got a flat tire. Your battery was weak. You misplaced your wallet.

Valentine's Day. A gift for her.

It's the last minute. It's past the last minute.

But that never stopped you before. You've always been able to pull a rabbit out of your hat.

Deadlines have come and deadlines have gone. And you have stared them down. Cool as Clint Eastwood. Crisp as a cracker. 

But this year you are little unsure. Doubt has creeped into your mighty resolve.

A fine drop of sweat has formed on the nape of your neck.

Suddenly you are high above the earth on a tight rope and it's windy up there.

You tell yourself, "Don't look down."

You consider the possibility of divine intervention.

Your legs wobble.

Let them wobble.

You gather yourself. You think three thoughts.

Music. Food. Flowers.

Oh, yes, the magic is returning.

Better yet, you think, keep it simple: flowers.

Time to start thinking flowers.

Oh, it's back alright. Never was in doubt.

Sure enough, never was in doubt.

Your legs are still. Your feet on the ground. You are ready to go.

Below are places to go buy a bouquet.



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