Car Show Results: Street Was Fun On Oct. 21

Add your pics of the classics and the car enthusiasts at the second annual Swampscott Classic Car Show.


Chrome shined, colors and shapes dazzled and soothed, and hood ornaments pointed to a future as bright as Sunday's late-morning light.

The crowd sauntered over grass deep as any shag carpeting on the Town Hall lawn at the second annual Swampscott Classic Car Show.

Powerful machines of glass, steel and rubber sat among quiet walkers recalling what a car could do in the quarter mile or how long it took it to go from 0 to 60 or the kid in high school who drove one just like it.

Visitors lingered and maybe thought about time, transporting themselves however fleetingly to bygone eras.

They eyed the cars' lines, poked their heads through open windows to check out the odometer and speedometer, and imagined themselves behind the wheel.

Recreation Director Danielle Strauss said about 110 cars were on display, not bad considering it was a rain date and there were other car shows in the area on Sunday.

Here are the show results:

Best Funky Ride- was a 1979 CAD owned by Hank and Geri Genthner from Beverly Ma

Best Micro Mini – 1959 McDoungh T10 owned by Ken Carpi from Swampscott Ma

Best Modified- 1972 Chevy C-10 Pickup owned by Curley from Medford MA

Best Paint Job-same as above

Exhibitors Choice- same as above

Best 1900-1934-1933 Auburn 8-104 Cabriolet owned by Vince Carli from Wakefield MA

Most Elegant ride-same as above

Best 1935-1949- 1935 Ford Roadster Convertible owned by Ken Carpi from Swampscott MA

Peoples Choice- Same as above

Best 1950-1959- 1959 Cadillac Coupe owned by Jack Perry from Lynn MA

Best 1960-1979 was a 1969 Chevy Camaro owned by Joe Faia from Swampscott MA

Best Modern Modified- 2006 Ford Saleen Mustang owned by Alex Meister from Swampscott MA

Best Modern Stock- 2008 Ford Mustang GT owned by Kevin O’Day from Salem MA

Best Street Rod- 1923 Ford TB Roadster owned by John Paul Kelly from Amesbury MA

Best Tuner Car- 1993 Honda Del Sol owned by Taylor from Lynn.




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