The Other Swampscott Movie: Ted

We talked to the man whose Atlantic Avenue home was used in the Seth MacFarlane movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.


The comedy a movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, has some major Swampscott connections.

For one, the main character, John, played by Wahlberg, was born in Swampscott, according to the movie plot.

And as many Swampscott people will remember — a major scene in the film was shot inside and outside a Swampscott home on Atlantic Avenue back in May of 2011.

In the movie the home belonged to the character Rex, the hated manager of the Mila Kunis character, Lori.

In real life, the Ron family lives in the Atlantic Avenue home with the spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean by .

Ori Ron told Patch right before the film opened that he planned on seeing the movie but his greatest interest in it was what it and other movies do for the North Shore economy.

He said he heard that $60 to $70 million was generated in Massachuestts by the filming of Ted.

Those dollars mean jobs and income for small businesses, he said.

And he said that being active and productive, having work, is the essence of life.

His living room and hallways and entrance are featured in the movie. He recognizes that something important happened in his home of 10 years when Ted was filmed there, but it didn't appear that the filming really changed his overall view of his house.

The movie makers put him and his family up in a Boston hotel for several days during last year's filming.

Ted is in 3,128 theaters and in fifth place in the most recent weekend box office report, according to Yahoo.com

Much of the comedy's action revolves around relationships: between Wahlberg and Kunis; between John and his childhood Teddy Bear, Ted, who comes to life; and between Kunis and Ted.

The movie gets lots of laughs and has been doing well at the box office since its release early last month.

It has met critical acclaim and made lots of money in the US and overseas.

It cost about $50 million to make and has grossed almost $200 million, according to IMBd.com





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