Now Open: Museum's 1812 Exhibit

The Marblehead Museum and Historical Society's new 'Marblehead and the War of 1812' exhibit is now open to visitors.

The Marblehead Museum and Historical Society recently unveiled their new exhibit "Marblehead and the War of 1812: Patriots, Prisoners and Privateers"

The following information was provided by Executive Director Pam Peterson:

"The war of 1812 was unpopular in Marblehead. Both fishing and merchant traders were adversely affected by embargoes and the constant threat of being seized by the British Navy.

But Marblehead has always been a patriotic town and so the men went to war. Marblehead's role in the War of 1812 was on the sea. Marbleheaders served on and saved the USS Constitution.

Privateers were captained and manned by men from Marblehead. Sailors were captured and held at England's prisons, including Dartmoor.

The war was relatively short, ending in 1815, but it was significant. Naval success in the War of 1812 changed the attitude of the world toward the United States and its Navy."

Click through the photo gallery attached to this post for a closer look at some of the pieces featured in the exhibit.

For more information about the exhibit, residents are encouraged to visit MarbleheadMuseum.org.


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