Grown Ups 2 Swampscott Filming Features Disney Actors

A crowd formed on Humphrey Street across from the former Temple Israel Wednesday for a bus scene that included child actors.


The filming crew set up shop across from their base camp on Humphrey Street late in the day Wednesday.

The action soon drew a crowd, many of them younger kids with their parents.

At 7 pm, Mary Doherty was near the set with her three children, ages 12, 11 and 8.

Daughter Brigid said she saw 13-year-old Cameron Boyce, from the Disney Channel show Jessie.

"He's eight months older than me," said Brigid, who got a picture of Cameron.

The scene included a number of movie extras on a Stanton School District bus, Brigid said.

Her brother said China Anne McClain, 13, a singer and actress on the show A.N.T. Farm, was among the cast in the shoot.

Kids clustered on the sidewalk, talking about who they saw and what they said. Several of the fans collected autographs and took pictures with their cell phones.

Filming moves to Marblehead over the next few days.

Here is a schedule, as reported in Marblehead Patch:

On Thursday, June 7, Grown Ups 2 film crews will return to the rear of Marblehead Veterans Middle School for a full day of shooting, location manager Mark Fitzgerald told the Marblehead board.

Fitzgerald said the next day, Friday, June 8, the town should be prepared for "the biggest thing that we have going in Marblehead and the biggest thing we have going in the movie."

From 10 a.m. on Friday to 1 a.m. Saturday, Lafayette Street will be closed off while scenes are shot at Gatchell Park where Recreation and Parks Commission members operate the lights and scoreboards.

From Monday June 11 to Wednesday June 13, parts of Washington Street may be closed down while the Old Town House is turned into an aerobics studio for a scene with Salma Hayek and a shopping scene is filmed at two local stores.

If you plan on visiting Marblehead locations below is parking information.

Street Closure Schedule:

  • Marblehead Veterans Middle School - Thursday, June 7: From 5 p.m. on Wednesday June 6 to 9 p.m. on Thursday June 7, no parking on the northwest side of Pleasant Street from Prospect Street to Prince Street. No parking on the southeast side of Pleasant Street between Gerry Street and Hewitt Street.
  • Lafayete Street - Friday June 8: From 10 a.m. on Friday June 8 to 1 a.m. on Saturday, Lafayette Street will be closed from Maple Street to West Shore Drive. Parking is restricted on West Shore Drive from Rainbow Road. Parking restricted on Robert Road from the intersection of Tully Road to the end in the easterly direction. No parking will be allowed on both sides of Lafayette Street between Maple and Oak streets.
  • Old Town House - Monday, June 11: From 5 p.m. on Sunday June 10 to 9 p.m. on June 11, no parking will be allowed on Washington Street on the southeast side from State Street to the entrance to Crosby's Marketplace. No parking around the Old Town House and no parking on Pleasant Street from Washington Street to 29 Pleasant St. 
  • Washington Street - Wednesday June 13: From 5 p.m. on Monday June 11 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday June 13, no parking will be allowed on Pleasant Street on either side from Watson Street to Pleasant Court. No parking on Rockaway Street on the northerly side and all public spots adjacent to the Lee Mansion. No parking on Washington Street from Hooper Street to Mason Street. No parking on Washington Street from Darling Street to H


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