History Buffs Celebrate Local History

They also treated Louie Gallo to a lunch where a plaque and peaches and a trip to the Land of the Midnight Sun were on the table.


On the last Thursday in August, the History Buffs group treated Louis Gallo to lunch at the Tavern on the Green, in a pretty wood-paneled room, at the Hotel Hawthorne in Salem.

It was a lot of fun. Duncan Maitland had nice things to say about our History Buff’s group, for this is the eighth year we have honored Louis in this way.

Louis leads the discussion group from September to June, at the Swampscott Library, at ten o’clock, the first Friday of the month. He started the History Buffs in 1998. Louis expected it to be a one-time meeting, but it was so successful, it has lasted all these years.

Although some members of the group have changed, the theme is the same. We all love Swampscott History.

At the luncheon, Duncan made a presentation to Jean Ladd Fisher, a long-time member of the group. He and his brother Douglas had found a 3-D plaque of a young girl drum major.

Jean was the national drum major champion for four years when she was young. Jean’s picture, as a teen-aged drum major leading a parade, was the one chosen for the month of July in the Swampscott Historical Society’s 2012 calendar.

Next, to my surprise, the Maitland’s had a present for me. They gave me two perfect peaches from Brooksby Farm.

Peaches are in season right now, and the Maitland’s knew how much I loved local ripe peaches. Fresh peach season only lasts about three weeks. I had told Duncan and Douglas how Andy and I would go to Brooksby Farm in Peabody, and buy their peaches. We’d eat them up as fast as we could, so we could go back and buy more. We’d eat peaches with our breakfast cereal, on a salad for lunch, and for dessert at supper. I ate one of my gift peaches just as soon as I got home. Delicious.

Molly Conner, President of the Swampscott Historical Society was at the lunch. She told of her family’s incredible summer vacation, traveling and living in a camper traveling through Norway and Sweden. They even put on crampons and climbed on a glacier.

We spoke of the upcoming open house at the . The house will be open from three to six on September 9th. Also, as part of the Essex Heritage Trails and Sails group, the Sir John Humphrey House, 99 Paradise Road, will be open on Sept. 22 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Sir John Humphrey House is a special treasure from our Colonial days and is celebrating its 375th year.

Lou Gallo’s luncheon group would like everyone to come and visit the oldest house in town.


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