Day 2 of Grown Ups 2 On Shelton Road

Adam Sandler's Grown Ups 2 brought Chris Rock and David Spade to Shelton Road on Friday.


The New England town that is the setting for Adam Sandler's is called Stanton but if the producers need a stand-in name they can always call it Shelton.

After late-night shooting that lit up a Shelton Road home on Thursday, crew and cast members returned to the same street Friday during the day.

But it was a different house, and plans call for filming at a third house in the neighborhood.

On Thursday night, set watchers got to see Kevin James, Nick Swardson and Maria Bello.

On Friday, by 3 pm at 62 Shelton, they had seen Chris Rock and David Spade and lots of set construction.

The yard at 62 Shelton Road was dressed up with shrubs and other props including a spiraling pillar of green and white balloons.

A handmade sign in the yard announced a Brunson University event, perhaps a college fraternity rush scene.

A jolt of excitement ran through the crowd when David Spade arrived in a white van right next to them.

He got out, smiled and walked behind the house, cracking a few jokes while begging off photo requests.

The actor Chris Rock arrived to the set and played a cable television installation worker, wearing a tool belt and sitting behind the wheel of a cable company van.

The film crew shot him crossing Shelton Road and entering the van.

Later, as the filming continued, he jumped from the van and ran 20 yards down the street.

The crowd included lots of people who came there on purpose and a runner who stopped along his running route to check out the action.

Runner Mark Smith of Swampscott said he was interested in how swiftly the crew arranged the set. 

This was not the first set he had scene. He was at Fenway Park back in 2004 after a Red Sox game when a scene from Fever Pitch was shot.

It was the scene where the Drew Barrymore character drops to the field from the triangle section of the bleachers and runs around the field.

At Shelton, Michael and Laura Holmes and their 4-year-old son, Jospeh, came to the set on purpose.

Earlier in the movie making, when the cast was in Marblehead, their son got to meet Adam Sandler, who called him his buddy.

On Friday Joseph was wearing a red T-shirt that had "Adam's Buddy" written on the back.

Laura LaMalfa July 06, 2012 at 10:22 PM
Daniel Thomas July 06, 2012 at 10:23 PM
laura do you know if they are filming today?


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