Grown Ups 2's Nick Swardson & You

For our first GU2 profile we pick the outgoing comedian Nick Swardson. Add any of your photos to this story or any comments about meeting Nick at the bottom. Or you can send your photo or anecdote to terry.date@patch.com


This is the first in a series of profiles and pleas related to the Adam Sandler comedy .

The profiles showcase cast members, a deep cast, an ocean of well known performers, some with major and others minor roles.

Into the profile we'll tuck a short bio and any social media scuttlebut and anything we've heard about the actor's role.

That's the Grown Ups 2 part of this column.

The You part will include fan photos you have sent us.

On top of these we make a request, a plea, a shameless and desperate plea for any more photos you care to send us. 

And we plea, also desperately, for any anecdote, observation or thought you have about the actor profiled.

We pick Nick Swardson for the first profile.

We have lots of photos of him. It's no accident.

When a face in the crowd calls Nick for a pic, he's ready for the click.

Often he flashes a wide and zany grin.

Nick Swardson

Swardson will play a school bus driver who likes to drink in Grown Ups 2, according to Variety magazine. He plays the brother of the Rob Schneider character.

According to Wikipedia, Swardson, 35, comes from Minnesota, in the Twin Cities area, Minneapolis/St. Paul.

As a teenager he started acting and doing improv comedy and stand-up.

He continued to perform stand-up, which led to roles in television and movies.

He played the character Terry Bernandino in the funny show Reno 911.

He also writes and produces.

Fan Comments

Scott Arcuri was with his fiancee, Jennifer Rutkowski, at the Ocean Ave set in Marblehead.

"Nick was pretty cool in that he took time to sign some autographs, snap some photos, and chat with fans," said Scott.

I love the story about how someone got Nick's old phone number and crashed some Hollywood Hills parties. http://blog.syracuse.com/entertainment/2011/12/ohio_man_moves_to_hollywood_ge.html
Terry Date June 22, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Thanks Amy and George for the photo and anecdote.


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