Climb Aboard the Poetry Train on Saturday

Ride the rhythm and rails on a track through Swampscott to a poetry fest in Salem.


Take the Poetry Train and ride the rhythm from Boston to to Salem on Saturday for a poetry festival.  

In collaboration with this moveable feast of words, the MBTA/MBCR has authorized poetry to be read by poets on Train(s) No. 1105; 1109 and 1113 between Boston and Salem:

 ·         Saturday, April 21: Train  1105 departing North Station at 10:15 AM

·         Saturday, April 21: Train  1109 departing North Station at 12:15 PM

·         Saturday, April 21: Train  1113 departing North Station at 2:15 PM

There will be three poetry readers assigned to each train.  

Salem Mayor Kimberley Driscoll said she's delighted to have the Poetry Festival back in Salem. 

"We are pleased that Mass Poetry has promoted the use of public transportation, and we are particularly delighted to have the spotlight on the commuter rail from Boston to Salem through the wonderful experience of having poetry readings on the trains,” the mayor said.


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