Big Blue Marching Band Plays Shades of Latin

For their halftime show the Swampscott High band belted out El Cumbanchero, Novus and a combination piece.

Information on the musical numbers for this article came from Swampscott marching band Director Scott Winship

The Swampscott High marching's pounding drums and bright horns were the soundtrack for Swampscott's exciting comeback win against Salem at Blocksidge Field, 21-13,

At halftime the musicians took the field playing a Latin theme, Shades of Latin.

They opened with El Cumbanchero, which opens with a powerful drum solo before it launches into the main melody by Rafael Hernandez of Puerto Rico.

Next came the ballad Novus by guitarist Carlos Santana.

And they ended the show with something old and new, combining the Bolivian dance number Lambada with the modern dance hit Calle Ocho, made famous by rapper Pitbull.

The band's drum majors are Kristen Foaksman and Taylorlyn Stephan.

The drumline captian is Albert Wallach.

The band director is Scott Winship. 


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