American Hustle: Movie Shot in Swampscott up for 10 Oscars

The nominations include biggie categories, too.

During filming in 2013 at Hawthorne by the Sea. Credit: Terry Date
During filming in 2013 at Hawthorne by the Sea. Credit: Terry Date
American Hustle, a movie that filmed a scene at the Hawthorne by the Sea Restaurant in Swampscott, is up for 10 Oscars.

The nominations include biggie categories too: Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Director.

Hustle about a Jersey sting job set up by the FBI to con mobsters and politicians.

The Hawthorne-based movie filming had Jennifer Lawrence in a kissing scene at a table in the Swampscott restaurant. 

American Hustle was also shot in Lynn at Christie's. In it the con artist character played by Christian Bale meets with the Jeremy Renner character.

In an interview late last month, Christie's owner George Dean said having a movie shot in your restaurant was a great opportunity — it will forever be linked with the movie.

Christie's owner George Dean hasn't seen Hustle — nominated for seven Golden Globes — but he's seen the trailer with a prominent scene featuring Christie's.


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