Town Holds Second Flu Clinic

Forty to 50 people got flu shots at the Swampscott Senior Center Tuesday.


Convenience is what brought Swampscott resident Maria Frayler to the Senior Center for a flu shot. That and wanting to avoid the flu.

The convenience of 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. hours on Tuesday and the location behind the high school drew lots of people — 40 to 50 — to the flu clinic, said clerks Helen Collins and Donna Cassetta.

Helen and Donna, who have volunteered the last 8 years or so as clerks at Swampscott flu clinics, checked in people as they arrived.

And Swampscott Public Health Nurse Roseanne Bruno and RN Amy Vaughan administered the vaccines.

This was the second large clinic the town has hosted this year. The first one, on Oct. 23 at Congregation Shirat Hayam, also saw about 40 to 50 people come in for shots, the organizers said.

There will be additional small flu clinics, the public health nurse said. They will be advertised in advance in the media and on the town website.

The nurses have also given flu shots to at least 60 town employees this year, department heads arranging for the vaccines for their workers.

For Maria Frayler, it was her first time getting a flu shot.

Her doctor recommended it and the convenient location and time made it easy.


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