Swampscott's Holiday Parade Saturday Dec. 15

The police department and high school students are getting ready for the holiday event. If your organization would like to join the parade contact Ted Delano, Jim Schultz, Jay Locke or Paul Bartram at 781-595-1111.

The holiday parade starts at the high school and ends at the high school.

But long before the parade started students at the school prepared the Toys For Local Children van for the parade procession.

The van will travel the parade route and accept gifts for local children who otherwise might not receive a gift at the holidays.

As far as the parade route goes, the trolley, floats and St. Nick will wind their way through the heart of town, rolling from Vinnin to Salem Street to Humphrey and Burrill.

The Swampscott Police Association's members voted early on, last month, to have a parade, said Det. Ted Delano. After all, many people plan Christmas and holiday parties around the motorized event, huddling in yards to wave at passersby and take in the sights and lights, the detective said.

Already, the department has got six or so calls from people who wanted to know the event's date and time so they could coordinate parties along the parade route.

The parade is Dec. 15. It starts at 6 p.m.

It is open to everyone. All faiths. All ages. 

The department is still looking for entries and to arrange music for the show, the detective said.

If your organization would like to join the parade contact Ted Delano, Jim Schultz, Jay Locke or Paul Bartram at 781-595-1111. 

Right now it looks like the procession will include 11 or 12 entries.

A U-haul parked at the high school will accept gifts for the Toys for Local Children program.

Those who want to donate to help offset the parade's cost can do so by sending a check to the Swampscott Police Association at 86 Burrill Street, Swampscott, MA, 01907.

The holiday parade gives everyone a warm feeling, especially the kids.

It's also a chance for the entire police department to come together and organize a safe and festive time for the town and to mix with the community.

The van will be operated by members of the Swampscott Police Association during the Holiday Parade. Donations are still being accepted at Swampscott PD and during the parade as well




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