John Romano and Aqila Clement Say I Do

The couple had their ceremony and reception at a unique setting — the Philadelphia Zoo.


On Sept. 22, 2012 John Romano and Aqila Clement said I do.
The ceremony and reception were held in the Primate House at the Philadelphia Zoo. They were surrounded by family, friends and various primates (gorillas, orangutans and lemurs).

It was a unique venue but very fitting due to John being the Head of Science and an instructor of biology, evolution and comparative anatomy at Girard College, a private boarding school in Philadelphia.

Aqila is the program specialist of government funding at Girard College.
John is a graduate of the University of Maryland College Park and Aqila a graduate of Temple University.
They reside in Philadelphia.
Parents of the bride are Queen Johnson and Philip Clement of Philadelphia. Parents of the groom are Madeline and John Romano of Swampscott. John's grandmother is Concetta Morretti Petroni of Lynn.



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