Last Minute Gifts

If you lead the league in procrastination, there are places and things that you can buy at the last minute to make someone's Christmas special, but a dog or a cat is not one of them.


The numbers blur, the countdown continues, only 5-4-3-2-1 shopping days until Christmas.

There are cool things available for the guy or gal who can’t make up their minds, or like to work under pressure. 

If you’re someone who’s determined to wait until the last minute to get a gift, and have an aisle full of “As Seen On TV” items that make great last second gifts, or at least will give the recipient a chuckle.

After all, who hasn’t yearned for a Pocket Fisherman, a Clapper, a Genie Bra, some Shake Weights or a foot scrubber that allows you to wash your toes and feet without bending over?

You’re hearing from a man who loves TV and has all of the Freedom Rock CD’s and wishes he could find a men’s pair of Pajama Jeans.

CVS is open 24 hours, and they have a full aisle of things that Sully, Vince the Sham Wow Guy, Ron Popiel and Billy Mays try to sell you on channel 389 at four in the morning.

If you don’t succeed in getting a gift at the last minute, there’s always a chance to redeem yourself with a nice meal on Christmas Day if you want to go out to eat in Swampscott.

at 435 Paradise Road (781-581-5888) is open on Christmas Day, as well as(203 Burrill Street, 781-592-5357), Yan’s Chin(146 Humphrey Street, 781-593-3308), (430 Paradise Road, 781-599-1780) and Thai Tani  (408 Humphrey Street, 781-596-1820).

You can get gifts right up until it’s time to unwrap the presents, but a pet should not be an impulse gift, any time of the year.

“We encourage families, or people that are thinking about adopting a cat or a dog to come in and see them, everyone who will be exposed to or working with the pet, the entire family,” Stephen Oakes with the Northeast Animal Shelter said.

“This is a five to fifteen year commitment with these animals, so we in no way encourage people to give a puppy or a cat as a gift at the last minute,” Oakes said.

Despite the clamoring for a pet for Christmas, Oakes said, it should be a slow deliberate process that brings a dog or cat, or bird, or turtle to a new home.

“Giving an animal as a gift is wonderful, we love to see our clients get adopted, this year, despite the economy, our adoptions are running higher than last year, which is great,” Oakes said. “We are a no-kill shelter so the more animals we can place in good, loving homes, is wonderful, but we discourage surprise adoptions.”

“Actually, the days after Christmas are better to search for a pet, because people have some time off, and they can spend time with the animal to make the transition and introduction of the new family members as smooth as possible,” Oakes said.

Stephen said there are plenty of animals looking for loving homes this holiday season, and the rest of the year. The Northeast Animal Shelter is open weekdays from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m., and they’re open for adoptions until 2 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!


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