Drama and Song a Foundation for Jacqueline Thomsen

Welcome to the first Senior in the Arts column. It's by Amy Forman and is a profile of Swampscott High senior Jacqueline Thomsen.

With a background in the performing arts throughout her years in the Swampscott school system, Jacqueline Thomsen has developed confidence and a broad base of skills to carry her forward.

The daughter of Ian and Maureen Thomsen, Jacqueline became fully engaged in the arts during her middle school years through participation in school plays and chorale.  Positive experiences in both venues provided the impetus for her continued and enthusiastic participation throughout her high school years.

Each year in high school, Jacquelinehas been involved in Drama Club and she has had a role in three plays - DurangThe Red Velvet Cake Wars, and, most recently, Murder by Poe,in which she played the Inspector.

“I really love taking on a whole new personality, being someone new while on stage, and hanging out with a great group of people who are all interested in the same things,” she says, “It is great to be able to work toward a common goal and to get to put on a great show.”

In addition to drama club, Jacqueline has also sung with the high school’s chorus for three years.

“I had taken piano lessons in elementary and middle school, and I had a really strong foundation in middle school doing chorale,” explains Jacqueline, who sings soprano or mezzo soprano. “It helped to be able to read the music. I learned a lot about how to sing with other people, which is a lot more difficult than it appears.”

The hard work pays off at regular chorus performances.

“It is great to be able to show what we do in class,” Jacqueline adds. “We work really hard at it.”

Jacqueline hopes to study journalism in college, and has found much value in her many years of participation in the performing arts.

“I definitely learned a lot about self-confidence and public speaking from being involved in the arts,” she reflects. “It has given me a really strong foundation that I will always have.”


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