Blood Drive Brings in Students, Teachers and Residents

The Red Cross blood drive was hosted at Swampscott High School, part of its student organized Community Wellness Day.


The Swampscott High School blood drive had an hour to go and the organizers were closing in on their goal — 40 donations. 

Room B208, sometimes a classroom, sometimes a School Committee meeting room, was a Red Cross blood room from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday.

Swampscott High junior Jessica Vogel checked in the donors at a table just outside the room's door.

She said the 35 donors up to that point were all students, teachers or people from the community — each group accounting for about a third of the donors.

Inside the room, reclining on comfy padded recliners, were Swampscott High seniors Michelle Harling and Jake Powell.

They were giving blood.

Jake squeezed a red rubber ball.

Michelle looked relaxed.

Charlotte Upham, a Swampscott resident, had just given blood.

It was her first time and, beforehand, she was a little apprehensive.

But she knew there was a need for blood.

A friend of the family had needed blood and said the supply was low.

When she heard from the Swampscott Rotary Club about the high school teaming up with the Red Cross on Community Service Day she decided to donate.

The blood giving took 6 minutes. It was painless, she said.

No need to be afraid, the donors said, giving blood doesn't hurt — it helps.


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