Ray Patalano for Selectmen!

It is that time of year again where we all get a chance to vote for Swampscott residents willing to step up and get elected as members of local boards and as town meeting members that represent all six precincts.

 I am writing to ask you to support Ray Patalano for one of the two vacant seats on the Board of Selectmen.  Ray has been dedicated to serving the town of Swampscott over the past six years as the Chairman of the Capital Improvement Committee and as a town meeting member representing Precinct 1. Based on his experience Ray understands the financial issues that the town is facing and is committed to making a difference by bringing his experience and knowledge that not only benefit the town but the neighborhoods that make up the town.  I believe Ray will bring a fresh perspective on some of the most significant challenges the town faces.  The closing of neighborhood schools, the cost of new buildings, the increase in condo developments and the never ending tax increases and how that will impact Swampscott families for generations to come.   

This year the five member Board of Selectmen will have board members serving from four of the six precincts. I believe this is essential for a Board to better understand and represent the needs of residents of all the neighborhoods.  Instead of more spending let’s elect board members interested in preserving open space and improving quality of life for all residents.  Let’s focus on opening the rail trail, having more access to the parks and beaches, reducing taxes and improving the quality of education for our children.  I urge you to vote on April 29th for Ray Patalano for his experience, leadership and understanding of the needs of the individual neighborhoods.


Kevin Donaher

Town Meeting Member, Precinct 3

28 Burpee Road



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