Foaksmans piano school in Carnegie Hall

In December 2013 occurred an annual international competition of young musicians, the Crescendo International Music Competition, in which musicians from 12 countries participated. Nine students from the Foaksmans Piano School, owned by Alex and Tatyana Foaksman, competed in this competition and won 1st and 2nd places, for which they were rewarded with playing at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York on January 19, 2014. Two of the Foaksmans' students earned 3rd place and will play in the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, MA. Below is a list of the Foaksmans Piano School's students, their age, and what places they received in the Crescendo International Music Competition:

1st place:
Milena Mnatsakanyan, 10 years old
Mary Galstian, 13 years old
Charlotte Westhoven, 14 years old
Charisse Nocera, 18 years old

2nd place:
Magdalena Rieper, 8 years old
Allie Vasserman, 9 years old
Anya Levoshko, 9 years old
Anastasia Shub, 9 years old
Irene Gu, 16 years old

3rd place:
Milana Vasilenko, 6 years old
Sasha DiVall, 9 years old


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