Behind Every One...The Poetry of Special Needs Families

In May, the Massachusetts Poetry Festival will be held again in Salem, and has included in the program a segment dedicated to the families of special needs children.

If you have a special needs child (even a young adult), and ever found yourself writing about your experience I would love to welcome you...and your work. If you've had a sibling experience with a brother or sister that you'd like to share, we will be hosting one or two workshops before the festival, to give people a chance to explore their unique life experiences through poetry or prose.

A Facebook page will be set up in the next few days, with sign up dates, and locations for the workshops, which will be provided at no cost to the participants.

Each Workshop will be limited to 20 participants---so sign up as soon as you can!

As the parent of a young adult who faced the unique challenges that education and life offers to the special needs community, I am truly excited about this chance to be included in what is the premiere poetry festival on the North Shore, and truly want to welcome you.

The Massachusetts Poetry Festival is scheduled for May 2-4, so it's time to get writing!

                                          Lisa Shields,
                                          Event Coordinator


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