A Young Local Art Teacher's Part-Time Job Soars

Joe Cook a native of Lynn, MA and a middle school art teacher in the city was born with paint brushes in his hand, a passion for teaching, but also serving a purpose larger than he could imagine. Joe is a jack of all trades.  He is a bartender and a middle school art teacher.  You then add his funny personality which then created the founder of Painting Under the Influence.  Don't let the name fool you.  His motto at P.U.I.  is "Influencing Charitable Causes... One Painting at a Time." Joe lives by has motto and has made significant contributions to charities all around. He promotes the "influence" in his company name by donating a portion of all the ticket sales to local charities and organizations.  His vision is to engage his customer's participation in a relaxing and fun night out all the while giving back to the community.  Painting Under the Influence hosts painting events all around Boston and the North Shore. The painting is only half the experience.  Joe's raw approach of using comedic entertainment and step by step instruction not only help him survive teaching art to his students during the day, but also guarantee his paint and sip customers a night they won't forget! 

Joe keeps the painting instruction at a pace comfortable for the beginning novice and upbeat for all levels of talent.  Whether you're in for a fun night out with friends, expressing your own artistic talent on a blank canvas, or just in the mood for a good laugh, Joe aims to please and will accommodate all aspects of the event to ensure you a great atmosphere and enjoyable experience.  This is definitely not your typical "happy trees painting show”. 

Painting Under the Influence began as a small side business in February of 2014.  Little did Joe know, he his side business, would turn into an every night job, but even better a fun job!  With the support of his wife, family and friends, Joe has been able to establish a name for himself in a place saturated with so many choices of entertainment.  What sets P.U.I. apart from his competitors is that he creates a win-win environment for business owners to profit off the events he hosts.  He wants to not only be hired, but build long-term, satisfying and rewarding relationships with his customers and business owners. He believes in adding value and do more then what is expected, exceed expectations.  He has done just that in his short time of opening P.U.I.  He exceeds all expectations in his business with his price, quality, and service.  Joe’s main goal for Painting Under the Influence is to network and touch as many lives as possible, by making a difference, hosting fundraisers and paying it forward with the contributions P.U.I. makes to numerous charities.  Once you get to know Joe, you will understand why he does this, and how selfless he is.  In these tough economic times, P.U.I. sets price points that are beneficial to all.  His average ticket price is approximately $25.00, which includes a 16 x 20 canvas, and all the painting supplies, but most importantly the smile his events puts on your face is priceless.  If you haven’t attended one of his events, you haven’t lived life to the fullest.  Please check him out at www.puievents.com.


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